Brexit: OPEX are as ready as anyone can be

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Brexit: OPEX are as ready as anyone can be

In less than 28 days the UK will be out of the European Union, which means we will be out of the customs union and out of the freetrade zone. Customs procedures that haven't been in use since 1973 will come back into play and hauliers, importers and exporters alike need to understand the customs processes to trade with the EU-27. The government and the Road Haulage Association have published a number of articles and documents directed at economic operators to help them with Brexit preparation. OPEX have taken every existing measure to prevent disruptions to international road haulage as much as possible. 

All OPEX trailers are registered, drivers have been made aware of passeport, insurance and international driving permits requirements and we also have the necessary insurance in place. We have acquired GB identifiers for our vehicles and have liaised with ferry companies providing RORO transport to French ports.

From a customs point of view, although it seems this is mostly a job for importers and exporters, OPEX have a British EORI number and are monitoring changes on the French customs portal to apply for a EU-EORI number. We have also applied for Transitional Simplified Procedures which allow to postpone customs declarations for imports and thus allow to go much faster through customs controls. But mostly OPEX have developed a trusted network of customs agents in France and Germany that can assist with any customs procedures post-Brexit. These agents have long experience of customs declarations for freight travelling to third-countries and have the knowledge and capabilities to support OPEX and our clients post-Brexit. We at OPEX are confident we have taken every possible preventative measure with regard to Brexit in spite of the general atmosphere of uncertainty and confusion reigning over the country. We will keep up to date with government publications and political changes until the 31st of October. 

If you want any further information on Brexit and what OPEX are doing to prepare for it, please email or call 01454 250 750.