OPEX proud provider of stepframe and flatbed transport

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OPEX proud provider of stepframe and flatbed transport

OPEX Logistics offers its customers a wide range of logistics and transport services, from a single pallet to a full load, from ADR transport to drinks logistics, from vans to 44-tonne artics. We strive to always keep close to our customers and to exceed their expectations. Part of this promise involves continuous improvement of our service offer and close control of our work procedures to not only guarantee high quality of service but also health and safety. 

We have recently launched a new stepframe and flatbed aerospace shuttle between the UK and the Airbus FAL in Toulouse in an effort to satisfy the high requirements of one of our Tier 1 aerospace customers. Here you can witness Andy Hammond, our brilliant General Manager checking the vehicle and load with Mike Moore, HGV driver at OPEX. Regular checks like these by our Management and drivers allow OPEX to ensure health and safety for our drivers, our customers and the public at all times. They also enable us to deliver a reliable and secure transport service for your high-value freight. 

If you want to know more about our stepframe and flatbed offer or wish to discover how OPEX can improve the overall efficiency of your supply chain, please contact us at book@opexlogistics.co.uk or by phone +44 (0) 1454 250 750.