Help children in need this Christmas with Action for Children

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Help children in need this Christmas with Action for Children

About 30% of all children in our country are living in poverty which equates to about nine in an average class of 30 children. One in five young children live within an abusive home and an increasing number of families across the country are struggling to afford food, clothes and other basic commodities.

30% of children live in poverty.
1 in 5 children lives in an abusive home.

That is why we have decided to support the charity Action for Children this Christmas, to share in the joy of giftgiving and honour the values of kindness, community and solidarity that make Christmas such a unique time of the year.

Action for Children helps 387,000 vulnerable children every year across the whole country, providing them with food, shelter, warm clothes and even counselling for those who have been through traumatic experiences. By donating on their website (click here) you could help this charity keep a family warm, give a hot meal to a homeless child or buy essential items for a newborn baby. Childhood is a precious gift and seeing the pain these children go through is truly heartbreaking but seeing the difference Action for Children makes and the joy they bring through such simple gestures of kindness will make your Christmas all the better!

The Secret Santa campaign launched this December by Action for Children is simple: give an anonymous donation and help make a child smile for Christmas. You can donate the amount you want following the link at the end of this post. Every pound helps make a difference!

£10 could pay for a child to have a hot meal.
£25 could buy presents for a child who would otherwise miss out on Christmas.
£40 could provide a child with warm winter clothes.
£60 could make sure a homeless young person has a safe place to sleep this Christmas.

Click here to donate and become a Secret Santa to a vulnerable child.